Fire pit heated patio outdoor comfort

Heat Surround under stamped colored cement….. (cement not provided)

Heat Surround (patent pending) is a wood fire pit system that is unlike any other. No other fire pit has the ability to bring you, clean, comfortable, warm air directly to you when the radiant heat from the fire just isn’t enough.  Look through our website and see if we can help you achieve the ultimate comfort from your entertainment fire. This is a forced air system utilizing ALL of the heat potential in a wood fire pit!

Heat Surround offers 2-5 vent units with 2 different models to choose from.  The two differences in the models are that one is a basic carbon steel model (CS) and the other is stainless steel (SS). Please look at our pricing page for specifics on each model

The beauty of the Heat Surround.  To be totally engulfed by the warmth of the fire. No more cold side or turning your back on your friends to warm up your backside. Stand or place chair over one of the vents and be engulfed in a bubble of warm smokeless air. Also for best results use one of our chair skirts to bring all the heat direct to your personal space! this will allow you to be totally warmed as though you were inside your own home!! It doesn’t get any better than that!!

night time Fire pit heated patio outdoor comfort

Heat Surround under stamped colored cement….. (cement not provided)

Heat Surround produces heat
 With the heat coming out of the vents being able to attain 120 degrees or higher. We like to say the vent covers will be no hotter than a plate at a restaurant when handed to you and they tell you not to touch it but you do anyway. This will not allow any major discomfort when touching them with your bare skin .
We have found 5 feet from the fire to be the most comfortable. If you want to be closer you may adjust the pipe length by cutting it or bending the adjustable elbows provided  to fit your specific needs. Each individual is different and as the vents are stationary, especially in cement, you will need to adjust before you have finished the installation process .  Do this with your installation company, landscaper on hand so he and you are on the same page.

Heat Surround can be conformed to fit as you like. If you want a longer pipe run please ask and we can send along additional pipe. You can also customize to your needs if you like, such as putting a vent in a bench seat. A vent blowing out at your feet under a bench could be done to keep those with cold feet comfortable. Or coming out of a retaining wall. The heat will cool the further away you get from the fire and if longer runs are needed please get some sort of insulation around pipe as this will help keep the heat loss to a minimum.

How to generate heat   Heat will vary in temperature for different reasons. You can regulate heat in a number of ways. Vent lids can be opened or closed, this will regulate heat and air flow to all vents. Fan speed, we have found the slower the fan the longer the air has in the ring to heat up, thus the slower the fan the hotter the air. Size of the fire, wood fires are the top dog when it comes to heat, nothing beats it. The bigger the fire, you got it, the hotter the air out of the vents. Heat will vary depending on ambient air temperature also. As a general rule with the ambient air temperature being roughly 50 degrees and with a 2-3 foot flame is the best, the temp at the vents will be roughly 120 degrees after full heat has been attained, depending on the speed of the fan. For best results use when air temp is mid 40s – mid 50s. Perfect for those chilly fall and spring evenings!! Also you can keep your coals to the outside of the inner ring, this will allow more heat to be generated as well as keeping wood to the outside as well once fire is going strong.

Heat Surround units to be delivered within a 200 mile radius of St Cloud MN will receive free delivery! This will only be offered on orders placed up to Dec 31 2017. We will have our technician come out and help put it together on site to assure it is installed correctly

On certain models please allow 4 weeks for shipping and delivery.


Heat Surround  – is a new concept in Outdoor Heating and Outdoor entertainment. Its perfect for your outdoor patio and home outdoor entertaining in the comfort of  forced air heating while enjoying your campfire on those cool nights.

We are currently working on our next model a gas fired outdoor heating system that provides a great relaxing fire as well as a comfortable heat system provide to your individual chair. Check back soon for more information on our LP Gas and Natural Gas fire pit, outdoor heating entertainment systems.